Team Building

A picture speaks louder than words

Collaborative Art™ inspires shared visions, creativity and collaboration. Artists, Stephanie Fonteyn and Uli Van Neyghem combine their corporate background with their passion, to tailor and facilitate engaging art experiences for team-buildings and events.

The challenges are inspired by different art styles, like Cubism, Doodle Art, Surrealism, Street Art, and participants create meaningful shared masterpieces from scratch to symbolize what’s important to them, like, “How do we improve the lives of our customers?” or “What’s inside us as leaders?”

Art is universal and unites people whilst transforming their doubt into pride, as most people don’t believe that they can paint. As Amelia Earhart would say, “The most effective way to do it, is to do it!” So why not experience the momentum of creativity with us at your next event?