DSC03914Being a very visual person and coming from a family of artists, I have expressed myself by painting from an early age. Through studies and the years of working for a big industrial company, painting remained my way to relax.

Chateau de Vianden During the 10 years we lived in Luxembourg, I created my paintings and art prints under the label “Konscht vum Quellenhaff” (Art from the Spring Farm), named after our old farmhouse with a spring running through the garden.

The eye for detail and arrangement that is essential for painting, has led me to my second artistic passion: decoration. I create atmospheres with materials, furniture, seasonal touches … and my paintings.

creating interiors

That is why creating paintings for customers looking for a personalized piece of art that will blend in with their likes and home in every way, from topic to size and colors, became one of my specialities.

In Switzerland, I first concentrated on the big project of renovating another old farmhouse in Céligny, that naturally had a space dedicated to my art again.